-How do I prepare the dog hair to be spun?
 Dog hair should be combed or brushed from the dog. It should be relatively free of grass burs and other large vegetable matter. Matted hair should not be included. Anything shorter than 3/4 inch should also be discarded. Only combed or brushed hair can be used .

-Do not shear the dog.
Due to the ‘itch’ factor and non yarn making properties . Only combed or brushed hair can be used .

-What breeds are best?
The best breeds to spin leave the soft under-coat such as Akita's, Huskies, Chows, Ruff Collies, Samoyeds etc. If the hair does not fall out naturally, it is usually too slippery to work with.

-How much hair do I need to make a project?
 One sandwich size zipbag of dog hair, blended with wool , will make a couple of bookmarkers or bracelets , two bags would be enough to make one headband or a pair of hobo mittens with a little left over yarn ball.

-What color will the yarn be?
Please bear in mind that a white dog is not really white - there are shades of white even in a samoyed. A black dog's undercoat will be more of a charcoal gray. A red chow's undercoat will be at least 3 or 4 shades lighter than the guard hairs.

-Can dog hair be dyed?
Dog hair can be dyed but does not come out as intense as a wool or mohair. If I try to dye it a darker color, the finished yarn may look a little frosty because the dog hair does not take the color the same as the wool.

FYI- One combines dog hair with another non-itch woolfiber such as alpaca or colored wool to strengthen the hair and allow for the shorter fibers. Matchen shades of an alpaca gets a true sense of the color. If used by itself, the dog hair will either 'shed out' or felt and lose it's size and shape. Blending the dog hair makes the finished piece last longer. All dog hair yarn is washed and with a final rinse of OdoBan , after the spinning process is completed.
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